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" Trekking for Tigers "

Zoo director Charlotte Corney spent her childhood sharing everything from her bath to her bed bed with tigers , she no longer shares her bed or bath with them but they remain deeply rooted in her heart and Charlotte continues to work from the forefront not only in continaully raising public awareness of the critical plight of the tiger but also actively striving to raise funds to assist with their protection in their natural habitat .

On Monday 28th Sept Charlotte along with 7 other collegues from the zoo world began a gruelling 36hr journey to Sumatra to join forces with Fauna and Flora International (FFI) fund the formidable Tiger Protection Conservation Unit (TPCU) operating in the Kerinci Seblat National Park, Sumatra where up to 200 tigers live and where they will take on a gruelling 10 day rainforest trek removing vicious snares set up to catch tigers and their prey .
Sadly everyday tigers die like this so that their body parts may be manufactured into aphrodisiacs, soups, plasters and pills; their meat and skin merely by-products.
We can all assist Charlotte in helping to secure a safer future for tigers in Sumatra by donating on Charlottes " Trekking for Tigers " just giving page , please use the link below  ............Good luck & safe travels Charlotte !

Simi's Tale

Tiger rescue -Update & Official statement .

Photo credit :Natuurhulpcentrum

  As you are no doubt aware we have been the centre of a media frenzy relating to Andrew Turner’s question to David Cameron, about the importation of our rescue tiger, during Wednesdays Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons.

This is Simi's tale to date

 Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner  requested that the PM assist us to import the tiger by lobbying DEFRA to facilitate the transfer which has been, we believe, unjustly held up due to red tape issues. 


  • Simi is an 8 yr old tigress living in a rescue centre in Belgium, she was seized from German circus on welfare grounds 2 years ago
  • We have a facility ready and waiting for the tiger and the specialist resources to care for her
  • The transfer process is currently being held up due to bureaucratic red tape issues to do with rabies legislation 
  • Island MP, Andrew Turner, is a supporter of our welfare and conservation work and place within the Island’s economy and  he has been helping us with our negotiations with DEFRA to find a resolution to the problems
  • We were not aware that Mr Turner was going to raise the question in the House of Commons on Wednesday but we are glad that he did and are optimistic that the resultant focus on the case will help speed up the process of importation 
  • Aside from the specifics of the media focus it is always a win for wildlife when it gets political profile - we, BIAZA and our colleagues in the conservation world are committed to pushing wildlife matters up to the decision-makers and so today’s events signify a tick in that box 
  • We look forward to welcoming Simi soon - watch this space..we will endeavor to keep zoo supporters updated via our social media feeds .

 Isle of Wight Zoo -Official Statement release : 17-09-2015


" It’s not often that the plight of wildlife steals the limelight in the House of Commons during Prime Ministers Question Time. We were therefore more than pleasantly surprised when news broke that, during Prime Ministers Question Time (on 16th September),  our MP, Andrew Turner, had been given the opportunity to request direct support from David Cameron to assist us with the importation of an ex-circus tiger, 'Simi’, from a rescue centre in Belgium. We are optimistic that, with the backing of David Cameron, we will soon be welcoming Simi to the Isle of Wight where she will have a life-long home with expert care and attention  "



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