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Meet the Birds

Tawny Owl

Darwin the Tawny Owl
In 2012 we were joined by Darwin the baby tawny owl. He belongs to the education department, and loves to meet visitors. As he is a young owl he needs a lot of attention, and during the Summer he will be spending most of his time with his handlers. When he is old enough he will have his own aviary, but he will come out when he is needed for school lessons.

Tawny owls are resident to Britain, and are responsible for the distinctive twit-twoo noise people associate with owls. It is the females who make the twit noises, while the males reply with twoo.

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Meller's Ducks

We also have a breeding pair of Meller's ducks. For many years

scientists overlooked these birds, as they resemble a female mallard. However on close inspection they have slightly different bills, and they also differ from mallards in that males have the same colouring as females.

They have now been confirmed as an Endangered Species, and the Isle of Wight Zoo is participating in their breeding programme.