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 " Really Wild about Poo " with Chris Packham -Sun 1st May


After a highly successful Easter launch of 'Poo at the Zoo’ which saw The National Poo Museum reaching global attention with media enquiries from as far away as Australia , USA and India ,The National Poo Museum is now preparing to welcome a very special guest over the Bank Holiday weekend .

On Sunday 1st May The National poo Museum will be welcoming naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham who will be hosting  a day of 'Really Wild about Poo’ .

Regular viewers of BBC’s Springwatch will be familiar with Chris’s fairly extensive collection of animal excrement but amongst his most treasured is poo from a giant tortoise!

Visitors to the zoo and The National Poo Museum on 1st May will be given a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with Chris’s poo and have a chance to come up trumps in his 'Really Wild About Poo’ quiz.

Chris says '"I’m greatly looking forward to sharing my poo passion with zoo visitors. I spent years sniffing around for badger scats as a zoology student  in the '80s and to this day remain fascinated by the stuff. Here are some scintillating facts to get you going…"
•    Wombats use their poo to help them mark territories and attract a mate so it is cubed shaped to prevent it rolling off rocks and logs
•    Adele penguins 'projectile poo’ in an attempt to keep their feathers free from bacteria
•    Sloths are lazy about pooing only venturing down from branches once a week to do their infamous 'poo dance’
•    Nightingale poo is used to produce face masks, especially popular with geishas, believed to even skin tone and slow aging
•    As they only digest around 45% of their diet elephants are capable of producing 100 pages of paper a day which can be manufactured from their fibrous dung

We look forward to warmly welcoming you !!!

NEW FOR 2016 -Daily " Walking Safari's "

Each day throughout the season join our  friendly and knowledgable " Animologists " on an extraordinary and exciting new  adventure as we unveil our unique 2016 " Walking Safari's " around the Isle of Wight Zoo .

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