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Isle of Wight Zoo visitor information & Zoo regulations

Visitor information and zoo regulations


Opening hours:

o    Our opening hours are displayed on our website however these may be subject to change, without prior notice due to adverse weather or any other event outside of our control. We will always endeavour to communicate any changes via our website, social media and on-site signage
o    We do not have a last admission time but advise that our visitors to schedule their zoo trip to enjoy our daily programme of events
o    Visitors must vacate the main zoo site by the advertised closing time but are, at our discretion, welcome to use our shop or café after this time

Purchasing of admission tickets:

o    Persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult in order to gain entry into the zoo
o    We reserve the right to ask for proof of age
o    Visitors with disabilities may be required to provide proof of their disability such as a 'Blue Badge’ car parking permit
o     All tickets purchased are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. All visitors are required to pay for admission and must submit their ticket or membership card upon request by staff. We reserve the right to ask any person who is unable to prove their admission to leave the zoo premises immediately

Supervision of children:

o    Children must be supervised at all times and especially while in the vicinity of our big cats
o    Lost children should be immediately reported to a member of staff •


o    To safeguard the health and wellbeing of your pet and our animals we are, regretfully, not able to allow pets to enter the zoo grounds and this includes service dogs
o    Well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome in our café, shop and entrance facility
o    Please do not leave pets in cars unattended

Prohibited items:

To keep our visitors and animals safe and happy we do not permit the following items to be used in the zoo and may refuse some items from being brought onto the premises
o    Roller-blades, roller-shoes or skates
o    Skateboards, bicycles and scooters (mobility scooters are permitted)
o    Balloons, balls and other potentially hazardous play accessories
o    BBQ’s
o    Audible music devices
o    Weapons (real or replica) or other dangerous articles
Alcohol, drugs and smoking:
o    Any person suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be granted entry into the zoo. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on site
o    Smoking is permitted in outdoor areas but please respect our animals and do not smoke close to their accommodation. Please ensure that you dispose of cigarettes in a safe manner to prevent any risk of fire especially during hot weather
•    Luggage: Regretfully, we do not have any provisions for left luggage
•    Footwear: We recommend wearing sensible footwear during your visit as we are mainly an outdoor environment and, due to the historic nature of the site, you may find some uneven pathways or areas of surface water within our grounds

Photography and filming:

o    We encourage you to capture and share your zoo experience with friends and family via social media or just good old fashioned photo albums. However if you wish to use images or footage commercially we request that you contact us first  
o    During your visit, you may be videotaped or photographed for marketing purposes by an IOW Zoo employee or authorized guest

Barrier fences and structures:

o    Our fences are constructed to keep our visitors safe from our animals and vice-versa. Please do not climb over or pass through any barrier fence or gate. We reserve the right to immediately remove any person who breaches this important rule
o    Please take special care to supervise young children or any other dependant who is not able to independently respect the safety provisions
o    Do not sit or stand children on barrier fences or structures, including rockwork
o    Selfie-sticks must not be pass over the barrier fences at any time
•    Feeding and contact with animals:
o    Our animals have individual, scientifically formulated diets to ensure their health and wellbeing. Feeding them may make them ill or even kill them. Please do not hand or throw food or any other items into animal accommodation
o    We do not permit unsupervised contact with our animals with exception of our Zoolittle Farm residents. Unauthorised contact may put you and the animal at risk of disease, injury or death
o    We do offer some opportunities to have closer encounters with our animals but these will be supervised at all times
o    Remember to wash your hands and/or use a hand sanitiser after contact sessions and before eating
o    Please help to keep our site free from litter, which can be hazardous to animals, by using the bins provided
Our right to restrict access, remove animals or cancel presentations: 
We endeavour to ensure all aspects of the visitor experience are fully operational at all times. However, we may, without prior notice, refund or compensation, close off areas of the zoo, remove animals from public view or cancel any event or part of our visitor programme if we consider, in our discretion, that circumstances require us to take such action.

General conduct:

o    We want all our visitors to maximally enjoy their time with us and our animals. To this end we ask that our visitors are mindful not to use offensive language; be aggressive or rude to our staff, volunteers or other visitors; shout at our animals, disrupt their peace or behave dis-respectively towards them in any way; let children run up and down in front of animal accommodation; behave in any way which is likely to affect the enjoyment of our visitors

We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to refuse entry to the Zoo, prohibit from any future entry to the Zoo or escort from the Zoo premises, any person who contravenes any of the Zoo regulations referenced above or should, in our opinion, and for any other reasonable consideration, not be permitted within the Zoo premises