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First Meeting

We all held our breath this morning as lions Charlie Brown and Nahla met inside the same enclosure for the first time.

Charlie Brown had lived with brother Snoopy all his life, until Snoopy's sad death last October. Nahla, however, have never lived with another lion, and so it wasn't certain that she would accept Charlie's company. The lions have been next-door neighbours for years, but that didn't mean they would want to share space. Over the past few months their keepers have been introducing them in stages, and they have consistently reacted positively to each other.

Today was the first big test - how would they respond when there were no barriers between them?
Well, the answer is like they'd been together all their lives. They sniffed each other in greeting, then both spent the day trying to do a bit of sunbathing whenever the sun came out.

They spent two hours together today, and the plan is to continue to integrate them into each other's company until - if all goes well - they are full-time room-mates.There is still some way to go yet, but we are all very encouraged by today's great result.