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Marmoset News!

At the end of March we were pleased to welcome two common marmosets to the Isle of Wight Zoo. Common marmosets are a very small New World monkey, found wild in South America.

We welcomed one male and one female, who came to us as a pair from a zoo that was closing. The female marmoset used to live in an animal testing laboratory in Scotland. When it was closed down she was rescued by a rehoming service who found her a new home in the zoo world. She has been living with the male for a few months now, and we are hopeful that they may breed.

They have been quarantined inside for the last month while our vet has checked out their health. However, soon it will be time for them to come outside, so our maintenance team have been working on their enclosure. They still have to put on the roof, then knock a hole through the wall in the marmosets' bedroom so they can come outside. We're hoping that the rain holds off while they work!

In the meantime our visitors can see the marmosets through the viewing window in their bedroom, which is next to the black lemur bedroom.