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Michelle arrived at the Isle of Wight Zoo on the 19th March 2002 with her sister Mimi and her companion Mifi, from Chester Zoo. She is very difficult to distinguish from her sister Mimi, but they are currently the largest two females in the group.

Mimi is more confident than her sister and has often challenged Mifi for group dominance and has occasionally won. After the birth of Michelle?s first female offspring, Yolande, in 2003 she became the alpha female for about six months. This may reflect the status given to female offspring in this species or just an increase in confidence.

In 2004 Michelle gave birth to the zoo?s first set of ring-tailed lemur twins, Berenty and Tanala, and has proved to be an excellent mother. One male and one female offspring were produced. Unfortunately Berenty injured his arm when he was only a few weeks old and had to be kept inside until the injury healed. This has divided the group with Mimi and Michelle forming a sub group with their 2004 offspring.

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