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Simi is an ex-circus tiger who was seized, in 2013, on welfare grounds from a travelling circus outside Hamburg. 

She was taken, along with her sister, Julia, to a rescue centre in Belgium. Unfortunately the two sisters started to fight and had to be split up, Julia was then offered a home at another UK zoo. When we heard about Simi’s story we decided to provide her with a lifelong home and she arrived in January 2016. 

Despite being ill-treated while she lived with the circus she is a calm, confident and friendly tiger. She is very bright and curious and takes great interest in her surroundings. We have no past records for Simi and therefore do not know where she was born but we assume she was bred in the circus and is therefore likely a mix of Indian and Siberian bloodlines. She is a pretty, petite tiger with fabulous whiskers and a spritely attitude. We look forward to showing her that humans can be kind and be her friends. 

Simi became internationally renowned overnight when when her plight was bought to the attention of David Cameron, via Isle of Wight MP, Andrew Turner, during Prime Ministers Questions in the House of Commons in September 2015.

Price: From £5.00 per year