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Tiger Conservation

For several years the Isle of Wight Zoo has been supporting a project funding tiger advocacy in the Karnataka region of India. The area is populated with wild tigers in the Kudremukh National Park and Bhadra Reserve, and the project leader has been working tirelessly with local people to promote conservation. Not only does this affect tigers, it also works to promote other wildlife and at the same time has a hugely positive effect on the communities who share their live with the tigers.

This project was originally identified by charity Global Tiger Patrol, and was funded through them until the charity dissolved in 2012. We now fund the project directly, in communication with the team working in India.

Aims of the Project
Conservation Education and Awareness Building
This is building local support for the park and reduce hostility towards tigers. It involves the entire community, from children to government agencies.

Establishing an Information Network to Support State Wildlife Protection
This involves the local people in supporting efforts to reduce illegal activities such as poaching and trespass.

Reduce Human-Wildlife Conflict through Voluntary Resettlement
The Indian government funds resettlement for people who wish to move out of National Parks. Our project provides advocacy for these people, making sure that they get the support they are entitled to and that their lives improve as a result of a move. Resettlement is voluntary - no one is forced to move, but many people choose to in order to live a safer distance from tigers in settlements with facilities such as electricity.

Where does the Money Go?

The project costs just over £10000 per year.

£10 will pay for local labour to carry out essential habitat protection work for one month.
£30 will pay the communication costs of the project for one month.
£40 will pay for educational materials such as film, CDs and stationery for one month.
£60 will maintain the project vehicles for one month.
£115 will pay one month’s salary for a junior field assistant.
£200 will pay one month’s salary for a senior field assistant.
£360 will fund the activities of the project leader for one month.

£900 will fund the whole project for one month.
£210 will fund the whole project for one week.
£30 will fund the project for one day.

We will be working hard all year to raise this money, and we invite interested people to do the same. If you want to raise funds for the project please contact our Education and Conservation Officer.